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Remortgaging your rental property

As a landlord, you might own your property outright or you may have a buy to let mortgage. If you do currently have borrowing, that could be because you didn’t have enough capital available to buy without a mortgage, or...

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3 Ways to protect your rental income

Rental income is an important part of being a successful landlord. Whether you need it to cover mortgage payments and expenses, or you’re taking rental profits as valuable extra income, you might want to check whether...

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Buy to Let Success: our top 10 tips

Buying a property and letting it out can be very rewarding. Not only do you receive a rental income, but the property itself should also increase in value over time.

The property you are renting out is an investment, but...

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letting agents in Basildon and Wickford

Choosing a Letting Agent in Basildon

Congratulations on your rental property in Basildon, whether this is an exciting journey into Buy to Let, or as a result of a home move or inheritance. This is an exciting time for you, and now is the right moment to consider...

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Lettings With Pets: is it worth the risk?

In the UK, it's estimated that 12 million, or 44% of all UK households have pets, with around 51 million total pets owned. About one in five UK households – 4.5 million families – live in private rented accommodation, with...

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Landlord Confidence

Essex Landlord Confidence Review - Q2 2020

With so much in the media at the moment relating to the housing market and private rented sector prices, it can be hard to decipher what is really happening in the rental market in Benfleet and the rest of Essex. I have spent...

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Clock Time is Money

5 Time Saving Tips for Landlords

1. Keep track of Paint colours
....and use the same paints in all your properties if you have more than one. Keeping track of the brand of paint, the colour name / number for every room in your rental property can save you...

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New Eviction Ban Rules: What has changed?

It didn't come as a shock to many within the industry when Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick extended the ban on evictions for another 4 weeks just 2 days before courts were due to resume eviction hearings on the 23rd August....

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Time vs Money

Time vs. Money: Where do you stand?

I read an interesting article in Scientific journal Cosmos recently. Apparently, research suggests that paying people to help out with odd jobs that you don't enjoy doing could lead to a happier life. A research team from...

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row of houses

Becoming a Landlord: 7 Important Steps

There are a number of reasons people become residential landlords. Often, it’s because someone wants to do more with their savings and sees property as a sound investment with a regular income. It might also be that a person...

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Jargon: Don't You Just Hate It?

Don't you just hate it when the internet uses 'jargon'?! What is a "rear aspect", anyway?!
I'm going to cover off a few of these property and landlord related jargon terms that I see getting chucked around, as this...

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law books

Your Legal Obligations as a Landord

These days, it can seem that the To Do list for Landlords keeps piling up! At Baillie White, we like to think that ensuring residential lets are safe and up to standard is a positive move, but it can feel a little overwhelming...

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